TAIKA – Servíettur (33cm – Grey)


Bring a piece of an enchanted forest to your dining table with Taika paper napkins. Designer Klaus Haapaniemi’s popular Taika pattern is now available in paper napkins in blue and grey. The versatile 33x33cm size makes the serviettes perfect from breakfast to dinner. Printed on high-quality paper, the napkins are food safe with water-based colours.

Til á lager


VNR: IIT-1063051


Designer Klaus Haapaniemi’s Taika (meaning “magic” in Finnish) inspires imagination and storytelling, letting you choose from a variety of bold and enchanting pieces. The vibrant designs gradually reveal their details and layers to the viewer. Haapaniemi’s magic was combined with the shapes of the Aika series designed by Heikki Orvola.

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