W17 x L17 x H14 cm

A washable paper basket with closure system on linen on top. The closure helps keep your bread, croissants, boiled eggs, etc. warm and safe at home or on the buffet. The basket is also ideal for a picnic or as a storage bag for knitting projects, underwear, toys and other small items. Choose from a selection of colors as well as organic linen combinations.

Easy to clean. Use a warm cloth with a mild soap and allow the basket to air dry. We recommend washing the light colors separately.

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Stunning . Sustainable . Handmade


Handmade products
Our collections are made by hands. Therefore, each product is unique and filled with soul.

Sustainable production
We use nature’s own power to produce our interior. Our paper products are dried in the sun.

We are always on the lookout for sustainable production methods that leave the least impact on our climate.

Social responsibility
The people who produce for us must feel good. Sri Lankan women can create our products in their homes while looking after their children.

Recycled materials

Our collections are created from recycled materials that leave minimal print on our climate. Among other things, we transform plastic and paper waste into beautiful Danish Design collections.