The only current member of the collection with wings, the 2017 Annual Bird takes flight as Finland celebrates 100 years of independence. Artist Oiva Toikka explains, „Kiuru is what makes the summer: it announces the arrival of summer one month in advance according to Finnish legend.“ The Eurasian skylark wears stunning shades of blue and white, a palette that reflects the blue skies and clouds as well as the lakes and snow of Finland’s landscape.

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Síminn Pay Léttkaup
(m.v. mán)


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VNR: IIT-1023969

Kiuru requires the skilled craftsmanship of five glass-blowers, who handcraft each part of the bird separately using a veiled glass technique. Each piece is joined while still hot before the finish touches are put on, requiring precise timing and teamwork. When the opal white glass is blown into the mold, it allows small air bubbles to form on the surface of the glass. Blue dye is added in powder form to create the pearl-like pattern on the body, which Kiuru’s numbered annual egg shares.The birds of Oiva Toikka’s 2017 collection are individually mouth-blown by the master glassblowers at iittala’s glassworks in Finland. Each handcrafted iittala Toikka Kiuru 2017 Annual Bird carries the signature “O. Toikka IITTALA 2017” on the side of its base to ensure authenticity and celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence. The special edition Kiuru is only in the product selection for 2017.

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