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Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glös 2 stk

6.640 kr 8.300 kr

Riedel glösin eru fyrir kröfuharða vín unnendur. Hvort sem um ræðir viskí, martíni, hvítvín, rauðvín eða kampavín þá standast Riedel glösin ströngustu kröfur um gæði. Single Malt Whisky glösin frá Riedel eru úr hinni rótgrónu Vinum línu. Glösin eru framleidd í vélum og tryggir lögun þeirra að bragðið skili sér sem best til neytanda. Glösin henta vel fyrir Malt Whisky, Whisky, Single Malt Whiskey. Öll glös frá Riedel er óhætt að setja í uppþvottavélar. Lesa meira um glösin hér fyrir neðan.

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The classic machine-made Single Malt Whisky glass of the established glass collection RIEDEL Bar is the essential glassware for every home bar. The design incoperates a small, slightly outturned lip that directs the spirit onto the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived, and serves to bring out the elegant creaminess of a top quality single malt. Every RIEDEL Bar glass is finely tuned to increase the enjoyment of spirits by showing the unique character of beverage

Perfect for these grapes:

Malt Whisky, Whisky/Whiskey, Single Malt Whisky


Year of design 1991
Volume 200 ccm
Height 113 mm
Box quantity 2
Type of Manufacturing Machine Production
Material Crystal







Glass Care:

Caring for your RIEDEL Crystal

  • RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe. RIEDEL exclusively recommends MIELE
  • To avoid stains: use soft water (low mineral content)
  • To avoid scratches: Avoid glass contact with other glass or metal
  • To remove stains: use white vinegar
  • If available use a stemware rack

If washing by hand

  • Wash the glass under warm water (use detergent and rinse the glass carefully)
  • Glass polishing: Use two polishing cloths, never hold the glass by the base to polish the bowl
  • Stem snap: Occurs through mishandling = torque or bend pressure at the stem
  • Storage: Avoid glass storage in kitchen cabinets which have strong aromas that translates into glass

Microfiber Polishing Cloth

  • Wash at boiling temperature (to kill bacteria) with odorless soap
  • Should be machine washed at min. 170° F/75° C
  • Never use fabric softener when rinsing your microfiber polishing cloth (avoids grease film on surface)

Ideal for:

  • Romantic Dinner 

  • Formal Dinner

  • Birthday Gifts

  • Wedding

  • Casual Dinner