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Hans Klaufi stór

6.495 kr

Hans Klaufi er frumlegur hitaplatti úr eik. Fullkomin blanda af skemmtilegheitum og hagnýtri hönnun fyrir eldhúsið og borðstofuna. Um er að ræða stærri útgáfuna af Hans Klaufa en sú minni er einnig fáanleg hjá okkur.

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Klods-Hans gives imagination to the dining table

Contrary to what one might think, the large version of the table protector is no more clumsy than the small one.

Even though it is a little bigger, it is still a beautiful design for your kitchen - and quite obvious for protecting your dining table from marks from large pots and dishes.

With Klods-Hans you can take your imagination to the dining table, because Klods-Hans can be shaped, turned and bent into a myriad of fun and lively expressions.

At the same time, the table protector still performs its primary function and protects the surface of the table. It makes it fun to put on the table - and it is a useful input at the dining table for the family's playful souls.

It is a perfect opportunity to bring play, imagination and creativity into everyday life at the dining table.

Play and function a core value

For Nis Hauge, who designed the table protector, play is a core value. The idea of ​​the design is to create a playful sculpture for the home that is both functional and can challenge the creativity of children and adults.

The Klods-Hans table protector was first produced in the beginning of 1996 and was relaunched in 2016 in close collaboration with Nis Hauge.

In 2017, Klods-Hans was selected to be part of the range at MoMa in New York.

Size & weight:
2 x 26 x 9 cm
162 g


Klods-Hans table protector is a unique handmade and hand-assembled wooden product that will have variations from version to version. Clean with a damp cloth. For better maintenance, use beeswax regularly on all our wood products.

Designed in Denmark. Produced in Vietnam.